Girl Details/女孩详细

Name 昵称: HuanHuan-欢欢 (5050)
Age 年龄: 23 Years Old
Height 身高: 160cm
Boobs 胸围: 36D
Languages Spoken: Chinese
Include Room & Condom 包房包套
Area 地区:
Location 地点: Farrer Park 花拉公园
Damage 价格: $150/60mins/1 Shot FJ
Mobile 联络号码: 82661727


  • Shower Together/陪洗澡
  • Kiss/轻吻
  • Simple Massage/简单按摩
  • Catbath/漫游
  • Nipples & Balls Sucking/舔乳头和蛋蛋
  • Painting/舔鲍鱼
  • 69
  • COB/射身
  • BJ in shower/浴中萧
  • Breast Fuck/乳交
  • BBBJ/无套口交
  • FJ With Cap/带套做爱


More Photos/更多照片

Please reject if you saw not the same person. and Pay when you meet the Real person.



  • John says:


  • 黄舒萌 says:

    这性感美女的逼紧水多吗?. 当舔或摸乳环与奶头时,会觉得敏感吗?. 可建议把私密周围的毛发修一修, 以方便舔逼.

  • 刘永军 says:

    这性感美女的逼紧水多吗?. 当舔或摸乳环与奶头时, 会觉得敏感吗?.可建议把私密周围的毛发修一修, 以方便舔逼.

  • 雷战特种兵 says:


  • Interesting says:

    How’s the location?

  • 黎兄 says:


  • Messi says:


  • 爱你一万年 says:

    9/10 service
    Can’t resist the seducing temptation she been giving me. Love the way she service me… no tricks under her sleeve.

    10/10 Attitude
    Best around the area, can’t find another 1 so good

  • Redd says:

    Service excellent her attitude is very good as well as her massage

  • 臭弟弟 says:

    就是一个字 – 美




    其实我们都知道会按摩的,手一下去是可以知道感觉了. 她的手下去的时候,我就在想,很不错,应该会很舒服……



    其实嘛,看着美女的打飞机就是一种美好的事. 不用多说什么,慢慢的打,不赶时间,很有耐心,搭配着亲嘴,很快就…


    射了 哈哈哈哈哈!


  • Messi says:

    One of my best gal so far, great service attitude, Very Friendly, well mannered, cheerful, Accomodating & willing to pls thru out the 60mins.
    Looks 8.5 abt 90% as photos, abt 26yo. Slim & smooth body with firm C cup. Started with light massage, electricfying teasing with her nails, cat bath, B2B and 5*BBBJ. FJ was really great but too bad I can’t last longer as she was craving for more! Begin with missionary, doggie & shot in cowgal… but she cont riding rigorously til she oso cum as she said she hsnt cum for past 4dys. ☺️

  • Gentlemonkey says:


  • King of Abalone says:

    Booked this 欢欢 last many days, this girl is amazing swee and tell you the look will grown, her catbath is fantastic. Confirm make your cock twitch and tune hard naturally without touch upon gazing her deadly curves and smell her body fragrance.

    Look: look is like SYT China girl next door)
    Voice: young and soft spoken gentle voice will makes you love it, melts my heart straightaway.
    Body: Smooth pale oriental asian beauty skin, brush your body smooth as velvet .
    Boobs: B but the nipples is dainty pale pinkish nipples with aureola of 20cent size
    I never failed to make the small little nipples erect like missile bullets. Grappling the pair of pointy nipple breast wondrously stunning to max, vibrate softly to my hand motion.
    Painting: guys dun like bushy can skip painting, for me not a problem comb her hair away with my mouth and tongue. Guys after me can smell my saliva.Aroma ahhhhh
    Bbbj: I would give praise to her hard effort never failed to make me hard on instantly. If Dyson vacuum cleaner is strong suction, her mouth suction is 11/10. Bbbj Skill Grade : A+
    Fj: she is a petite and gentle girl who will always adjust my rock before penetration. Once I plunge in…heavens. Listen to her melody voice singing. Did her in few styles, in doggy mode, you will be amazing in awe by her alluring curvy hourglass body, refine by her melody and the piak piak piak combine with the ass vibration in correspond to sending repetitive pounding. You should look the way she see my mast in awe and she turns her head left and right sustaining my pound during missionary. Before the last minute, I started to hit back in turbo mode with grunting sound as I surrender to her after.

  • pol says:

    anybody who tried her this week?

  • Tee says:


  • Alex says:

    A very warm and sexy girl, the service is not in a hurry. will review again

  • Jackie says:

    She is new here. Awesome experience. Pretty girl with good attitude, body and service. Definitely worth the price.


  • Tom says:

    Real person as pictures,totally worth the fee.

  • Andy says:

    Good attitude and service, dosent watch the time. Huge huge huge boobs

    • Messi says:


  • 就差这 says:

    毛很多 剃了会更好